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bravo, sean penn

into the wild.

a tremendous movie. a tremendous experience.

take the time to go see this and examine your own existence. what is important to you. who is important to you, and why. everyone can have their own reasons, but we each must have our own answers- and find those answers ourselves.

look forward to hearing what you think.

great music by eddie vedder, too.
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new radiohead album… free?

How much would you pay for Radiohead’s new album?

$5? $15? $20? Not a damned penny?

Then that’s the price.

The English band has ditched their big label, and the big-label mentality of raising prices for new music, and will instead let their fans decide what their new album is worth to them. The band’s seventh album, In Rainbows, can only be ordered online via Radiohead’s website.  more… from The Viral Garden blog

Placido Domingo on The Simpsons


Sweet! Everyone tune into “Homer of Seville” episode on…

Placido Domingo on The Simpsons

That’s right. Placido Domingo makes a special guest appearance on The Simpsons this Sunday, Sept. 30th at 8pm PST (check local listings). Placido is the FIRST opera singer to ever on the show’s over 400 episode history.