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biggest loser=defeating the purpose?

There was a great article in today’s NY Times. Thanks to Kai Hibbard for the tip on her blog.

Those of you trying to shed some poundage while watching The Biggest Loser should definitely read this. It helps put perspective on what we should be doing as normal people, and what people who are on the show are doing.

Read it here and then let me know what you think!

Kai Hibbard- The Biggest Loser


weight loss schmeit loss

I looked in the mirror yesterday after I saw some pictures of me from this weekend, and realized I’ve gained weight in my FACE! I swear, its true. And it sucks. I turned to my husband last night and asked “when did this happen?” He lovingly looked at me as if to say “honey, its been like that.”

Oh the shame. Once a svelt swimmer who could eat anything she wanted at any hour of the day- now a twentysomething behind a desk all day sitting and gaining weight by the hour. How the hell do other people stay fit? I guess my problem is I don’t want to spend all my remaining time after work at the gym or climbing mountains- but is that so bad? Arg.

Why don’t any of those crazy diets or weight loss pills work? Maybe if only liposuction were more affordable. But I’d still have a chunky face right now.