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for history’s sake and the *tradition* we started taking a pic of traffic everytime we return to LA and drive on the 405 south. this is supposed to be a carpool lane, but we are moving slower than all other lanes.


at least its sunny, and we arent in a rush. have been stressed on this road many-a-time heading to a gig!

back in the blog saddle?

what a great weekend already! we’ve been in southern california for a friends bday (happy birthday girl!), and had a total blast last night. so amazing to see such great friends- we miss them. if only we could live in the bay area, but still see LA friends daily- that would rock. maybe the high-speed train will help with that… yea, when is that supposed to be “done”. surely it wont be as fast as californua voters would like.

i have been thinking about blogging more recently and realized i could blog from my iphone with the wordpress app. love it!

wishing you in whatever universe you find yourself in currently, a lovel saturday afternoon. peace, love, and happiness. (no, im not on drugs… just appreciating the good in my life.)

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good things come to those who work hard…

i’m excited about some new opportunities at work! looking forward to contributing more to the organization, helping out during a time of transition, and learning!

plastic bags hurt us all

another reminder we shouldn’t forget…

34 mosquito’s

Apparently, someone has enough time on their hands to determine that there are 34 mosquito’s in Sacramento that have the west nile virus. 34.

34 mosquitos, and one bird.

its a monday, again

what a beautiful weekend. had a great time with my folks, although its always a bit tough having company through a Sunday night. there’s just something about having that sunday night to talk with the hubby relax on the couch and just prepare mentally for the work week.

i’m looking at new job opportunities currently and have one that is promising, but i’m so impatient! i want it now. this is a good exercise for me to try and put my head down and do my current job; but be ready to jump when/if i get this next opportunity.

and then there’s finances. man, what a pain. does everyone manage their money well, except my parents? and, they taught me nothing about it so, i’m learning as i go. ugh. any suggestions on good books or formats to follow? i’ve started a budget worksheet that we’ve been using for a few months now, but we’re still living paycheck to paycheck and i totally hate that.

duh. green music center. duh.

Taken from the Press Democrat’s article here:

“The price tag for the Green Music Center, meanwhile, has risen an additional $10 million, to $110 million, in the past year because of rising construction costs, said Susan Kashack, an SSU associate vice president.”

“This project is not in jeopardy and has never been in jeopardy,” Kashack said. “We have had to find more and more creative ways to work with donors in the community to support the growing costs. Construction costs have gone up so much in the last five years – not just this project, but all projects in California.” (tell me something I don’t know; oh, by the way, have you done this anywhere else before- NO!)

First of all, this is what I’ve been saying for the past 2 years. Its going to cost more than anticpated; the price is still going to go up and we won’t really know the final costs until a year after the opening. Why do I know this? I was there for the opening of Disney Concert Hall- the LA Phil’s new place- earlier this decade, OK?

Second of all, if you read the rest of the article, the Green’s are asking their friends and members of the community to pony up more money for this to be completed. But, you know who needs to pony up? Donald and Maureen Green. That’s who. They started this with a pittly $10 mil. What did they actually think that was going to build? An apartment complex? This is reality- and it was even in 1997 when they gave the money (probably because they didn’t want to pay taxes that year). I know they really originally wanted simply a choral hall- but it ballooned into something different- thank you Rubin? If it continues to bear their name, its their responsibility to give more. Period.

If they want to continue to have some authority, its only right that they give more. Here’s a recent request from Don, “”I’d like to see a dignified, constructive name on the hall,” Green said. 

Why put the community under such restrictive bonds that will cost millions more in the long run? Take the hit; make it happen; or release your naming rights.

my horoscope today

The perfectionist Virgo Moon is able to focus our emotions on the work of the day. We are gaining clarity and forward movement now that Virgo’s key planet Mercury is moving direct again. Also, we may still be picking up the pieces from the two recent eclipses. We have the necessary concentration to take care of our chores. Nevertheless, stress arises from the Moon’s dynamic square to feisty Mars, packing extra passion into our changing moods.

do this for levi

2008 Amgen Tour of California came through our town today- yep, good ole’ Santa Rosa. I was there last year at the finish line- the Symphony offices were right next to the finish line. This year, I got President’s Day off since I’m no longer with SRS… anyway, feeling a bit under the weather so slept in from my 2 benadryl tablets last night and got up late. Hubby went to work, and we watched the race for the last hour or so. It was cool. Levi Leipheimer didn’t win the stage from Saulsilito to Santa Rosa, but, they gave him some face time. Which, led us to this website . What is it? is a site where you can sign a petition to be sent directly to Christian Prudhomme, Director of the ASO, as well as to VS, the official US media partner of the Tour de France.

Why? Here’s some background for those of us that aren’t totally familiar with professional cycling. The ASO (Amaury Sports Organization- owns premiere cycling events like Paris-Nice, Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Tours, and the famed Tour de France) cited the doping scandals of last year’s Tour de France as justification to ban Levi’s team- sponsored by Astana. But, Levi wasn’t a member of last year’s Astana team, nor has he EVER been in trouble for doping.

“That the happenings of last year…prompted the Tour organizers to leave Astana out of the season’s most important race sounds understandable,” notes new Astana General Manager, Johan Bruyneel. “However, Astana Cycling Team 2008 has nothing to do with the team of last year. We have done everything to change the dynamics of the team. New management, new riders, new philosophy. Only the name of the sponsor remained.”

Totally unfair as an athlete. What do you think?

If you agree, sign the petition. new-image.png I signed it- #13,394 early this evening, and already its up to 15k+. Their goal is 100,000. Think people can make it happen?? Spread the word if you support this.

If not, voice why. Look forward to your thoughts.