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i’m going to work at dunder mifflin!

People Register In Droves To Work At ‘The Office’
IT LOOKS LIKE NBC MANAGED to make a good thing better when it attached a stylized social network to its popular series “The Office.”

As part of its larger “The Office 360” initiative, NBC launched The Dunder Mifflin Infinity site early last month for fans to congregate and perform weekly tasks tied closely to the story line of each week’s show.

With the hope of further engaging viewers and their imaginations, the site goes so far as to assign registered users a position at Dunder Mifflin–the colorless paper company where the series is set.

Since then, the show’s site has attracted over 800,000 unique users–100,000 of whom decided to enlist in the company’s virtual workforce –along with eight million page views. Read the rest of this entry »


how long have you been blogging?

now its only been a few months for me, but i start to think throughout my regular day about what i can blog; taking pictures to post, or watching tv and checking out youtube for new videos to post.

how long have you been blogging?

biggest loser=defeating the purpose?

There was a great article in today’s NY Times. Thanks to Kai Hibbard for the tip on her blog.

Those of you trying to shed some poundage while watching The Biggest Loser should definitely read this. It helps put perspective on what we should be doing as normal people, and what people who are on the show are doing.

Read it here and then let me know what you think!

Kai Hibbard- The Biggest Loser

LOST episode news!!!!

Thanks to this blog for this juicy tidbit. Makes me happy that I didn’t buy the DVDs. Now I can record them on my DVR!!! Here tis:
Big news! Lost will start showing up on other networks starting in the Fall of 2008. According to this article, LOST will be aired on NBC’s Sci-Fi network and on the Comcast owned G4 channel.

It will be a lot of fun when LOST gets a new fan base next year and a new “generation” of LOST fans will join the fray. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as we have.

prison break: sara fired?


According to an interview in French magazine Tele Star, former Prison Break star Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Dr. Sara Tancredi, was forced to quit the show. Here is a rough translation of the interview (if the magazine is credible):

Sara’s lines are in bold.

“Big surprise on Prison Break. We hear that you’re leaving the show in the third season.”

“Yes, but I didn’t have the choice. I’m sad, but it’s just show business.”

“You weren’t expecting this?”

“No, at the end of season 2 last year. I was sure I’d continue. It’s such a great adventure we achieved.”

“How did you know you were fired?”

“I don’t want to speculate too much about this. I was shocked.”

“Your leaving the show was a big deal. You have to tell us more! I’ll just say this.”

“I am sorry to let down the viewers. I have loved the support Sara Tancredi got from them. and though she was a victim of her own destiny, I liked how she made decisions by herself. But the way things ended up couldn’t have been foreseen. Again, I was deceived by the decision.”

“How did your fellow actors react?”

“They told me it’s too bad. I loved working with you and good luck, we hope we can work together again.”

“And Wentworth Miller?”

“We were so sad that we wouldn’t work together anymore. Wentworth is a gentleman. He’s gracious and full of class. And I learned a lot from him. But in a series like “Prison Break,” apart from Wentworth, anyone can go. When I took the role of Sara, I thought it’d be for only a year. Afterwards, I was so happy to get a second year.”

“If they call you back, will you accept?”

“Of course! I don’t have another role right now. Right now, I need to find work.”

“How will Sara make her exit from the series?”

“I don’t know. I’m not part of the team anymore and don’t have any influence on the storyline.”

“How is being a mom to baby Keala?”

“It’s a rich experience and unpredictable. You can’t plan anything.” (Keala was born in July 2007)

“What projects do you currently have today?”

“I’ll rest another month in Vancouver (Canada). Afterwards, I’ll go to California for a little bit. After that, I’d like to do theater in New York. I honed my skills on the stage and I miss it.”

Source: AND

Stay tuned- this may be a rumor and she may have left because of her baby.

2 let downs

What am I referring to? The season premiere and the 2nd episode this season of Prison Break. It was my favorite show for the first 2 seasons. Now, all the peeps are in this crazy Panama prison called Sona, that has no guards. Michael is supposed to break out of Sona- what the hell? At the end of last season I was excited to see how they would move the story. But, the premiere was lackluster at best- who cares about all of these new characters! The audience has no relationship with them, and frankly I’m tired of T-bag and that lame-o wanna be cop who is now at the bottom of the totem pole. Ugh. If next week doesn’t get any better, I’m done with this show! Such a shame. It was so good the first season- edge of the seat suspense!

Have you seen the show? What do you think??

In other TV news, I cannot wait for LOST. Hubby and I re-watched all the episodes from season 1 and 2. We’re going to get our hands on season 3 to review again and remember everything. 🙂