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too many websites

I sat down today to get logged into Flickr and start using the service since its all the rage. As I looked through the forums on Flickr, I noticed people saying things like “I’m over Flickr, what else is out there I can use” from the post here. I’ve used the Kodak Gallery service for about 2-3 years and have a lot of albums stored there. Its disappointing that I can’t upload those to Flickr.

Which, brings me to my other question- is there a program out there that will allow me to manage all my social networking sites, emails, IM’s, discussion groups, forums, blogging etc. ? An all-in-one if you will. I have tried Trillian for instant messaging, and it works fine although the smiley’s are not as fun as AIM or Yahoo. But then I have a Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn account- which all take up way too much of my time. Can’t some software genius create a program that lets me access all three- or at least Facebook and MySpace together… I’ve got different friends on both.

linkedin.gif myspace.gif

What are the alternatives?

Furthermore, when can the blogging universe unite? I don’t want to have to sign-in to my Blogger account just to post on someone’s page, while I’m still logged into WordPress, and in the meantime have to create a new account to post a message on a specific company’s site. Can’t we all just get along and unite to streamline social networking?

Maybe I’m missing the point here- but hopefully you’ll help shed some light on this conundrum! Look forward to your thoughts.


i’m going to work at dunder mifflin!

People Register In Droves To Work At ‘The Office’
IT LOOKS LIKE NBC MANAGED to make a good thing better when it attached a stylized social network to its popular series “The Office.”

As part of its larger “The Office 360” initiative, NBC launched The Dunder Mifflin Infinity site early last month for fans to congregate and perform weekly tasks tied closely to the story line of each week’s show.

With the hope of further engaging viewers and their imaginations, the site goes so far as to assign registered users a position at Dunder Mifflin–the colorless paper company where the series is set.

Since then, the show’s site has attracted over 800,000 unique users–100,000 of whom decided to enlist in the company’s virtual workforce –along with eight million page views. Read the rest of this entry »

1 million for colbert

colbert2.jpg For those of you on facebook- you’ve gotta join the 1,000,000 strong for Stephen T. Colbert group. Do I really think he’s running for president? No, BUT, let’s prove to all the people out there who think social networking isn’t viable. Join the group now- and tell your friends to join.

In just the past 24 hours, over 120,000 people have joined this group. As I type its at 334k and counting. Let’s see if we can make his show on Monday with a cool mil!

pretty cool- aggregate


Thanks to Demo Girl’s blog for this info:

Gleeme gives you a way to share all of your online profiles, from the different networks you belong to, in one place. It’s called a vcard, and it can contain as much or as little information about you and your online life. Read the rest of this entry »