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Archive for March, 2009


for history’s sake and the *tradition* we started taking a pic of traffic everytime we return to LA and drive on the 405 south. this is supposed to be a carpool lane, but we are moving slower than all other lanes.


at least its sunny, and we arent in a rush. have been stressed on this road many-a-time heading to a gig!


back in the blog saddle?

what a great weekend already! we’ve been in southern california for a friends bday (happy birthday girl!), and had a total blast last night. so amazing to see such great friends- we miss them. if only we could live in the bay area, but still see LA friends daily- that would rock. maybe the high-speed train will help with that… yea, when is that supposed to be “done”. surely it wont be as fast as californua voters would like.

i have been thinking about blogging more recently and realized i could blog from my iphone with the wordpress app. love it!

wishing you in whatever universe you find yourself in currently, a lovel saturday afternoon. peace, love, and happiness. (no, im not on drugs… just appreciating the good in my life.)