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plastic bags hurt us all

another reminder we shouldn’t forget…


paper or plastic?

I don’t like to complain, but this is hard not to discuss. I don’t consider myself a real green person- I recycle anything I can, but don’t have energy efficient appliances or vehicles; no compost pile (live in a condo); and drive a performance car (subaru WRX). I do what I can though and try to implement little things that can add up over my lifetime. I am concerned about my footprint on the earth and if we all make a few modifications, we can make a big difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no environmental evangelist but I was pretty perturbed when I was getting a couple items at Safeway last night. The checker was nice as usual, and then after swiping my safeway card and paying I noticed that the bag boy had put my few items into double bagged plastic.

I said, “Oh, do you not have paper bags any longer?”

“I didn’t know you wanted them, ” he replied.

“You didn’t ask which I preferred,” I responded.

“We don’t ask,” he said.

SINCE WHEN? Tell me, isn’t the one thing you can count on when you go into a grocery store, to hear the words “paper or plastic?” When did bag boys decide they could decide how I want to take home my groceries?

Maybe I’m overreacting but Safeway isn’t on my good side. They’ve done plenty of things in the past to aggravate me, and this just adds to the heap. I normally bring my own bags but didn’t have them with me. Am I overreacting?

After San Francisco passed a law recently banning plastic bags, you’d think a north bay grocery store would take the hint too. Maybe I have to introduce it up here!