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You will think I’m crazy when I tell you I went to Vegas, again- yea thats twice within a month! First time to meet up with my sister for our birthdays (3 years and 1 week apart) and last week for a wedding there- friend from college of my husband’s. We had  a blast too. I’m not the partying, clubbing every night type (and neither is he) but we tagged along with those in the group who wanted to. It was awesome. Crazy, but awesome. I’m feeling so good not having any more traces of alcohol in my system and I can’t even think of the day when I will even put a nice glass of wine to my lips.

Yep, it will be awhile. It was a lot of fun though. And, so it goes, back to the grind.


Vegas baby

I met up with my wonderful sister this past weekend in vegas- and we had a blast. Yes, I lost money, but not as much as I thought I would. Hubby made me set a limit or budget, if you will, and I stuck to it! (Well, very close to it, which was at least the point for him). What was great was that by the end of the weekend I was all gambled out. YES! ME! I was. It felt good too. On Saturday night, the sister and I just relaxed in our awesome hotel room, snacked and played cards. We fell asleep watching SNL.

I was up at the butt crack of dawn for the earliest of all flights back to SF. I used my united miles for the roundtrip so I can’t complain too badly. Sunday I was home by 9:30am, in my bed, sleeping. Ah- nothing like getting in your own bed after a flight and a nice shower. Sister, on the other hand, and bless her heart, had a red eye flight Sunday night, AND she gained 3 hours coming from Vegas on pacific time to Florida on east coast time. Hopefully she’ll get her sleep caught up.

It occurred to me that in another 2 weeks I’ll be back in Vegas. No, not because I have a gambling problem- a college friend of my hubby’s is getting married there (during the week). And, we’ll meet up with a cousin I have seen in years. Maybe I’ll play a few rounds of craps and blackjack though. 🙂