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This critic has some nerve. Not only are his facts inaccurate, he claims that donating to arts and education are “investments in the lifestyles the wealthy already enjoy.”

Read the article here.

See the great responses in the LA Times letters to the editor here.

And, here’s the first paragraph to get you started, or fuming…

“Is Harvard a charity? Most donations go to institutions that serve the rich; they shouldn’t be fully tax-deductible.

This year’s charitable donations are expected to total more than $200 billion, a record. But a big portion of this impressive sum — especially from the wealthy, who have the most to donate — is going to culture palaces: to the operas, art museums, symphonies and theaters where the wealthy spend much of their leisure time. It’s also being donated to the universities they attended and expect their children to attend, perhaps with the added inducement of knowing that these schools often practice a kind of affirmative action for ‘legacies.'” read more…