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green music center

green music center construction

Sonoma state is still building the green music center, which hopefully, will be completed by the fall of 2009.

A bit of history: this project was initially conceived by Don and Maureen Green who seeded the project with a mere $10 million nearly 10 years ago. The figure of completing the hall, copied after the Boston Symphony’s summer home called Tanglewood, has grown exponentially year after year. Needless to say, its my humble opinion that the Green’s need to cough up a few more mill. Actually, 20 mil more would be good, considering the university is having to take out bonds just to cover construction expenses which will cost the school too much money in the long run. If these people really want their name on the building, its time they pony up the real dough. In LA, Lillian Disney and her clan donated over 50% of the Walt Disney Concert Hall’s construction bill.

So why do I care. The Press Democrat published a story about the lovely Jean Schultz, widow of Charles the Peanuts comic strip writer. Guess how much she gave to the center- $5 mil!!! That’s half of what the Green’s have given but they get naming rights? Hmmm…

And, while I’m on this particular soapbox, why doesn’t the center already have a staff? Deedeedee. They should actually try and take the lead from other organizations who’ve built halls. Although a small-minded town, they sure have a lot of confidence in themselves. Apparently reinventing the wheel is what they prefer to do.