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duh. green music center. duh.

Taken from the Press Democrat’s article here:

“The price tag for the Green Music Center, meanwhile, has risen an additional $10 million, to $110 million, in the past year because of rising construction costs, said Susan Kashack, an SSU associate vice president.”

“This project is not in jeopardy and has never been in jeopardy,” Kashack said. “We have had to find more and more creative ways to work with donors in the community to support the growing costs. Construction costs have gone up so much in the last five years – not just this project, but all projects in California.” (tell me something I don’t know; oh, by the way, have you done this anywhere else before- NO!)

First of all, this is what I’ve been saying for the past 2 years. Its going to cost more than anticpated; the price is still going to go up and we won’t really know the final costs until a year after the opening. Why do I know this? I was there for the opening of Disney Concert Hall- the LA Phil’s new place- earlier this decade, OK?

Second of all, if you read the rest of the article, the Green’s are asking their friends and members of the community to pony up more money for this to be completed. But, you know who needs to pony up? Donald and Maureen Green. That’s who. They started this with a pittly $10 mil. What did they actually think that was going to build? An apartment complex? This is reality- and it was even in 1997 when they gave the money (probably because they didn’t want to pay taxes that year). I know they really originally wanted simply a choral hall- but it ballooned into something different- thank you Rubin? If it continues to bear their name, its their responsibility to give more. Period.

If they want to continue to have some authority, its only right that they give more. Here’s a recent request from Don, “”I’d like to see a dignified, constructive name on the hall,” Green said. 

Why put the community under such restrictive bonds that will cost millions more in the long run? Take the hit; make it happen; or release your naming rights.


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  Joe Thomas wrote @

Hey there,

Glad to see GMC is on the Blogging scene :). I agree with most of your points, and wanted to point a few things out. The number you mentioned ($110 million) is outdated. If you check their web site, an additional $21 million is needed. You know something? This doesn’t even include the LAWN or GROUNDS.

I think in the end we could see the final cost of the GMC be as high as $150,000,000.

I disagree with you when you say that Donald & Maureen Green should caugh up more money.

Like you said, the Green’s visioned a concert hall, and it was the SSU Administration (Please do not blame only Dr. Arminana, there are many others involved.) that took the GMC to an entirely different level.

The GMC was never in jepardy (or will be) because the Administration is willing to do ANYTHING in order to ensure its funding. It kills me when departments do not have enough funding for professors to make copies of student handouts, yet we can build this $110 million GMC.

Remember when the Rec Center was just built? SSU stuents who attended SSU during its construction got free membership for a certain period of time once it opened. Shouldn’t that be true for the GMC once it opens?

I am also curious as to who will be able to afford the tickets? And will the GMC stand up to its promise of bringing some DECENT artists and performers here? SSU certainly isn’t making a profit off of their own CPA shows.

In order for them to make enough profit, they will have to have at LEAST six to eight concerts per year the size of the Eagles concert they had here a few years ago. (….AND SSU students did not get priority on getting tickets, which if i recall were pretty expensive).

The GMC only highlights one facet of the University’s corruption, do I dare mention the CIHS catastrophe?

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