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its a monday, again

what a beautiful weekend. had a great time with my folks, although its always a bit tough having company through a Sunday night. there’s just something about having that sunday night to talk with the hubby relax on the couch and just prepare mentally for the work week.

i’m looking at new job opportunities currently and have one that is promising, but i’m so impatient! i want it now. this is a good exercise for me to try and put my head down and do my current job; but be ready to jump when/if i get this next opportunity.

and then there’s finances. man, what a pain. does everyone manage their money well, except my parents? and, they taught me nothing about it so, i’m learning as i go. ugh. any suggestions on good books or formats to follow? i’ve started a budget worksheet that we’ve been using for a few months now, but we’re still living paycheck to paycheck and i totally hate that.