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34 mosquito’s

Apparently, someone has enough time on their hands to determine that there are 34 mosquito’s in Sacramento that have the west nile virus. 34.

34 mosquitos, and one bird.



thanks kiddos. this is what we got to clean up on our martin luther king, jr. holiday. one of the cars had “LOL” written on it so we’re thinking it was jr. high kids. luckily we got it off; the miata is our neighbors and we helped her too. this is a gated garage and over half the cars were spray painted.

p1210016.jpgp1210018.jpgp1210017.jpg p1210032.jpg

i think i feel worse about the violation. its unsettling you know? we had some of our best friends in town and i couldn’t focus my attention on them monday. i hope they understood. and, i’ll definitely make it up to them!!

i’m going to work at dunder mifflin!

People Register In Droves To Work At ‘The Office’
IT LOOKS LIKE NBC MANAGED to make a good thing better when it attached a stylized social network to its popular series “The Office.”

As part of its larger “The Office 360” initiative, NBC launched The Dunder Mifflin Infinity site early last month for fans to congregate and perform weekly tasks tied closely to the story line of each week’s show.

With the hope of further engaging viewers and their imaginations, the site goes so far as to assign registered users a position at Dunder Mifflin–the colorless paper company where the series is set.

Since then, the show’s site has attracted over 800,000 unique users–100,000 of whom decided to enlist in the company’s virtual workforce –along with eight million page views. Read the rest of this entry »

how long have you been blogging?

now its only been a few months for me, but i start to think throughout my regular day about what i can blog; taking pictures to post, or watching tv and checking out youtube for new videos to post.

how long have you been blogging?

biggest loser=defeating the purpose?

There was a great article in today’s NY Times. Thanks to Kai Hibbard for the tip on her blog.

Those of you trying to shed some poundage while watching The Biggest Loser should definitely read this. It helps put perspective on what we should be doing as normal people, and what people who are on the show are doing.

Read it here and then let me know what you think!

Kai Hibbard- The Biggest Loser

weight loss schmeit loss

I looked in the mirror yesterday after I saw some pictures of me from this weekend, and realized I’ve gained weight in my FACE! I swear, its true. And it sucks. I turned to my husband last night and asked “when did this happen?” He lovingly looked at me as if to say “honey, its been like that.”

Oh the shame. Once a svelt swimmer who could eat anything she wanted at any hour of the day- now a twentysomething behind a desk all day sitting and gaining weight by the hour. How the hell do other people stay fit? I guess my problem is I don’t want to spend all my remaining time after work at the gym or climbing mountains- but is that so bad? Arg.

Why don’t any of those crazy diets or weight loss pills work? Maybe if only liposuction were more affordable. But I’d still have a chunky face right now.


You will think I’m crazy when I tell you I went to Vegas, again- yea thats twice within a month! First time to meet up with my sister for our birthdays (3 years and 1 week apart) and last week for a wedding there- friend from college of my husband’s. We had  a blast too. I’m not the partying, clubbing every night type (and neither is he) but we tagged along with those in the group who wanted to. It was awesome. Crazy, but awesome. I’m feeling so good not having any more traces of alcohol in my system and I can’t even think of the day when I will even put a nice glass of wine to my lips.

Yep, it will be awhile. It was a lot of fun though. And, so it goes, back to the grind.