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its a monday, again

what a beautiful weekend. had a great time with my folks, although its always a bit tough having company through a Sunday night. there’s just something about having that sunday night to talk with the hubby relax on the couch and just prepare mentally for the work week.

i’m looking at new job opportunities currently and have one that is promising, but i’m so impatient! i want it now. this is a good exercise for me to try and put my head down and do my current job; but be ready to jump when/if i get this next opportunity.

and then there’s finances. man, what a pain. does everyone manage their money well, except my parents? and, they taught me nothing about it so, i’m learning as i go. ugh. any suggestions on good books or formats to follow? i’ve started a budget worksheet that we’ve been using for a few months now, but we’re still living paycheck to paycheck and i totally hate that.


introducing argus!

well, norbert was a cutie (see my previous post) but he was not the right pup for us. we did take his brother argus home and love him so much! many other families were there to adopt puppies as well, so don’t worry- norbert has a good home now too.

here are a few pics. he is so smart already! he is practically potty trained and loves snuggling with me 🙂 these are from the first day with him. will have more up soon!


I had to travel…

And I’m not sure if traveling with people was different this trip because it was for business. I found myself with a different disposition- I wasn’t there to be nice (kind, yes, but not nice) and I expected the same courteous behavior from my co-passengers.

I flew southwest from Vegas back to Oakland… Southwest thought they had too many booked for the flight so I volunteered to go on a later flight and get a voucher. This was awesome- I received $200 voucher PLUS the $ for the cost of my flight. An excellent showing of customer appreciation and I was happy do to it. Then, turns out, they had room on my original flight so I boarded just as it was about to depart.

Not 1 minute after I was seated did a little kid start to cry. And all of you know those particular kids who cry for the attention because they have their parents wrapped around their finger… well, this was one of those kids. Joy, I thought. Karma has to balance itself out this quickly? Boo.  This family of 6 (two grandparents, 2 kids, Mom & Dad) was seated directly to my right.  The FAA requires children over 2 yrs. to sit in their own seat. So Mom threw a stink, but moved, and then the kid proceeds to cry for the entire time we take off and up until we reached 10,000 ft. Here is my question: Why not move DAD instead of MOM??? Well, that question was answered on the decent- the kid just likes to cry when he wants something and doesn’t stop until his parents appease him. Nice parenting folks.  (I still don’t understand why Mom didn’t stay with the little terror and had Dad move instead. Duh people.)

And, these people had the nerve to turn a DVD on for the kids- and have the sound up so all of the plane could hear Mickey Mouse and his frickin’ adventure shit. Oh Brother. It got so annoying (and I was trying to get some work done on the laptop) that I asked the Dad if they had any headphones- he replied “why, is it too loud?” I said, “Yes, and its annoying.” Well, Mom finally moved back to sit with the terrors and she turned the DVD up louder. Kid cried on the decent, blah blah blah. Great flight ;p

I realized as we were waiting to get to our gate that I needed to let it go. Just relax, and take note of the things you will want to do and not do when you have kids Kara- when you’re on an airplane with people riding for business or pleasure and you have kids. Be considerate of those people Kara. So, I let it go. I even let the Dad and one kid go in front of me while de-boarding- and I got no thank you. Then all 6 of them blocked the exit from the plane to the corridor.

I love people who are oblivious to everything around them and have no sense of courtesy. Maybe they can sell me what they take so I can act that way too, and not care?

Aye yay yay.  At least I have no complaints and only praise for Southwest (except for the lame Pocahontas song that the flight attendant serenaded us with before we got off).

its that time of year…

Merry Christmas All!

Had a lovely Christmas Eve with my extended husband’s family… my niece and nephew just loved their gifts from us! We also got my hubby’s fam (all in the midwest, and 1 in colorado) each a webcam! It will allow us to talk in person a lot more.

Hope you’re well and wish you a wonderful Christmas.

presidential race, drama, and politics Oh MY!

Driving to work today, I started thinking about the presidential election. I was listening to the news on NPR where the national news reported about SF Mayor Gavin Newsom looks to get reelected with ease- even though he’s admitted an alcohol addiction and had an affair. Only in San Francisco? So, this election news in SF and the varying presidential bumper stickers I see along my drive down the 101, it got me more interested in the subject. I know you think all I do is cover entertainment marketing schemes like that of, but I actually am a citizen, concerned about the vote I will have to make next year. I’ve covered a bit about Stephen Colbert’s bid for the presidency and facebook fame, but you’ll note I never thought he would actually run. People are speculating that he pulled out last Friday because of the writer’s strike… I’m doing some investigating and will report back.

When I was traveling a few weeks ago, I did catch the republican debate- the first one with Law & Order star Fred Thompson– and was taken aback by the passion that Ron Paul– someone I haven’t heard of until recently- jumped in and all over many of the other candidates. He’s old, but he struck me as very knowledgeable and a bit unruly. It was a good unruly though- totally unconventional.

I think of myself as pretty middle-of-the road. Some issues I’m liberal, some conservative and some I have no opinion. My Dad always said you need to be black or white, but I found that I just don’t see things that way.

Have you seen the campaigning that Barack Obama has been doing lately? He was on Ellen and SNL in the past week.

That’s some serious coverage! How much you think that would have cost him- Hillary should take notice. Its also interesting that several news entities reported Obama lobbied to keep Colbert out of the South Carolina primary ballot. I’d like to think he, most of any candidates, would understand what Colbert was seeking to do- and that was to give the American people a better idea of how this whole presidential process works. AND, he should try to engage with Colbert, not push him away- after all, they have much of the same audience, with far more attraction going to Colbert.

So, who are you voting for– and why? What issues does your candidate address the way you want?

cool geneology software

So, in my current work I’m busy literally surfing the internet all day. I come across some of the best blogs, new ideas, and neat new websites. Yes, I said “neat”!!! But, this is super cool I’ve always been interested in my family tree, and how the dozens of family members all are connected. I grew up with lots of family gatherings, and knowing that I was related to these people, but not having a clue how. As I got older, the pieces started fitting together, but its impossible to retain all that info. So, today I came across this site and was immediately hooked!

Vegas baby

I met up with my wonderful sister this past weekend in vegas- and we had a blast. Yes, I lost money, but not as much as I thought I would. Hubby made me set a limit or budget, if you will, and I stuck to it! (Well, very close to it, which was at least the point for him). What was great was that by the end of the weekend I was all gambled out. YES! ME! I was. It felt good too. On Saturday night, the sister and I just relaxed in our awesome hotel room, snacked and played cards. We fell asleep watching SNL.

I was up at the butt crack of dawn for the earliest of all flights back to SF. I used my united miles for the roundtrip so I can’t complain too badly. Sunday I was home by 9:30am, in my bed, sleeping. Ah- nothing like getting in your own bed after a flight and a nice shower. Sister, on the other hand, and bless her heart, had a red eye flight Sunday night, AND she gained 3 hours coming from Vegas on pacific time to Florida on east coast time. Hopefully she’ll get her sleep caught up.

It occurred to me that in another 2 weeks I’ll be back in Vegas. No, not because I have a gambling problem- a college friend of my hubby’s is getting married there (during the week). And, we’ll meet up with a cousin I have seen in years. Maybe I’ll play a few rounds of craps and blackjack though. 🙂