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puppy perhaps?

I’m calmly excited to tell you about a puppy I may adopt this Saturday! He is so cute. I just have to tell my husband how its all going to work so his mind is set at ease. We’ve done so much to our condo, that he doesn’t want it wrecked- which I totally understand. If we get him, we will meet him at SFO Saturday afternoon. 🙂


So, I’m looking up all kinds of information on house training, crate training, potty training, and even pet insurance! Isn’t he a cute boy? If you have any tips- please do share! Its been several years since I’ve had a puppy in the house.




  fuffer wrote @

What a cutie!

  4urpets wrote @

Have a lot of patience and energy. In return you will get back a lot of love and happiness.
He is a cutie pie. What are you going to name him?

  hipposkin wrote @

I’m not sure. The adoption and foster home calls him Norbet- which is pretty cute. We just might keep the name. We’ll see what the hubby has to say about it, too.

Thanks for the advice!

  Insurance » puppy perhaps? wrote @

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