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great bottle of zin

picture-034.jpgIf you know me, you know I love wine and I love exploring new wineries. This past weekend we drove up to Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County and hit up the Bella wine caves. I had a great glass of zinfandel by Preston a few weeks ago in San Francisco at Jardiniere (great food and vibe). Preston is right next to Bella and we had an amazing time. picture-006.jpgEvery red we tasted was quite good. They had homemade sourdough bread with olive oil, olives and even vegetables and herbs from their garden that you could buy. The tasting room was very rural, but the staff was extremely cordial and helpful. Its definitely not a grandiose Robert Mondavi tour experience, but the wine is better. If you’re up in the area, this winery is a must if you love zins!

I recommend the 2005 Preston Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley.



  bayareacritic wrote @

Nice blog site. Can you tell me more about the zin you’ve recommended?

Byron, The Bay Area Critic

  hipposkin wrote @

Hi Byron,

Thanks for checking out my site.

I just found myself a great deal! At the winery, this is a $28 bottle but at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa its a mere $24.95.

I enjoyed this particular vintage because of its smooth texture, clean finish and its flexibility. For instance, I loved it with a nice salmon filet, and yet it can stand up with a great steak from the grill.

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