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starbucks’ surprising customer service success

Wow. I’m sitting here in a Starbucks in northern California, still reeling from how nice I was just treated.

This morning was really crappy. I woke up, felt bad about how much weight I’ve gained and how my skinny family will be wondering what I’ve been doing when we get together for Thanksgiving next week. I wake up around 6:45 a.m. (thats 2 hours too early) and proceed to play games on my phone for the next 45 minutes, contemplating whether or not I should do something active this morning or try and fall back asleep. I finally get up, make myself a couple eggs and put my tennis shoes on. I went for a good brisk walk around my neighborhood for about 35 minutes. OK, now I was starting to feel better. Started to feel like I could handle this day.

I took a shower with the hubby, put on my favorite pair of jeans- added some vitamins to my pillbox and was out the door. Yes, today was going to be OK. I can make it.

Then, about 10 minutes into my drive, I notice there is a hole in my shirt. Another hole- this is literally the 5th shirt I’ve work in the past 2 weeks that has a hole in it. What is going on? My husband and I split up the chores, and you guessed it, he does the laundry. I called him- obviously upset. So many of my shirts I wear for work have holes that all look the same. We conclude it must be from the washer or dryer, but I keep going into him. Its not fair to him, and he gives it right back to me. And then, I totally break into tears. I pull over, and there goes all my mascara, eye liner, blush, foundation… it all melts off. I’m totally done with this day already, but its only 9:35 a.m.

We talk- he calms me down and we decide I’ll skip work today and focus on myself and getting my head on straight. He’s going into San Francisco today, so I’ll join him. I head over to the Petaluma Starbucks so I can send my boss an email letting her know I won’t be coming in today.

I login, pay the t-mobile fee to connect to wifi for the day, and then get up to order my drink. When I return from the restroom, having realized I started my period today (yes, a BIG reason I was crying hysterically earlier- don’t get grossed out, its a fact of life), the nice barista said, she had my bagel for me but needed to tell me something. She said, I’m so sorry, but we dropped half your bagel on the floor and we don’t have anymore. So we’ll refund your bagel and extra cream cheese on your debit card, and here is a free drink coupon for next time you come in.

So, maybe I can make it. Maybe I can figure out what I need to do so that I can be happy. My family should love me, even if I’m 20 lbs overweight. I’m working hard, have a great husband, and trying to make a better life for us. I’m doing OK. I’m OK.

What a difference a Starbuck’s makes. Even on a Tuesday.




  Measuredup wrote @

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  thinkingwoman wrote @

Okay, wow…it’s a good measure of my own PMS that I, like, almost cried over your Starbucks experience. 🙂

I feel your pain. Here’s hoping your week has gotten better!

  Jay wrote @

how come you taking a shower with your hubby stood out lol… just playing lol… but starbucks has never been that nice to me… ever lol


  Mack Collier wrote @

So the moral is, Starbucks will always be there? 😉 Now if Starbucks wanted to really get points, they’d find this post and leave a comment thanking you for it, and offer you another coupon.

  hipposkin wrote @

exactly! they should hire someone like me. (I’m doing that sort of thing for Roxio)

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