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presidential race, drama, and politics Oh MY!

Driving to work today, I started thinking about the presidential election. I was listening to the news on NPR where the national news reported about SF Mayor Gavin Newsom looks to get reelected with ease- even though he’s admitted an alcohol addiction and had an affair. Only in San Francisco? So, this election news in SF and the varying presidential bumper stickers I see along my drive down the 101, it got me more interested in the subject. I know you think all I do is cover entertainment marketing schemes like that of, but I actually am a citizen, concerned about the vote I will have to make next year. I’ve covered a bit about Stephen Colbert’s bid for the presidency and facebook fame, but you’ll note I never thought he would actually run. People are speculating that he pulled out last Friday because of the writer’s strike… I’m doing some investigating and will report back.

When I was traveling a few weeks ago, I did catch the republican debate- the first one with Law & Order star Fred Thompson– and was taken aback by the passion that Ron Paul– someone I haven’t heard of until recently- jumped in and all over many of the other candidates. He’s old, but he struck me as very knowledgeable and a bit unruly. It was a good unruly though- totally unconventional.

I think of myself as pretty middle-of-the road. Some issues I’m liberal, some conservative and some I have no opinion. My Dad always said you need to be black or white, but I found that I just don’t see things that way.

Have you seen the campaigning that Barack Obama has been doing lately? He was on Ellen and SNL in the past week.

That’s some serious coverage! How much you think that would have cost him- Hillary should take notice. Its also interesting that several news entities reported Obama lobbied to keep Colbert out of the South Carolina primary ballot. I’d like to think he, most of any candidates, would understand what Colbert was seeking to do- and that was to give the American people a better idea of how this whole presidential process works. AND, he should try to engage with Colbert, not push him away- after all, they have much of the same audience, with far more attraction going to Colbert.

So, who are you voting for– and why? What issues does your candidate address the way you want?



  Catherine Morgan wrote @

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my list of women who blog about politics. It’s at my original political blog Informed Voters, and also at my newest blog The Political Voices of Women.

  hipposkin wrote @

Thanks Catherine. Your blogs are great. I’ve got a lot of reading to do there!

  Catherine Morgan wrote @

Thanks. If you ever want to do a guest post…just let me know.

  hipposkin wrote @

I’m honored! I will think about topics to write on in the coming weeks and hopefully we can work together. Thanks so much for the invite.

  whojaybe wrote @

I think when it comes down to it, it’s all about perception within all candidates. I’m don’t have a real strong feeling towards anyone, but I’m liking Obama the more I read about him and watch his interviews, etc.


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