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too many websites

I sat down today to get logged into Flickr and start using the service since its all the rage. As I looked through the forums on Flickr, I noticed people saying things like “I’m over Flickr, what else is out there I can use” from the post here. I’ve used the Kodak Gallery service for about 2-3 years and have a lot of albums stored there. Its disappointing that I can’t upload those to Flickr.

Which, brings me to my other question- is there a program out there that will allow me to manage all my social networking sites, emails, IM’s, discussion groups, forums, blogging etc. ? An all-in-one if you will. I have tried Trillian for instant messaging, and it works fine although the smiley’s are not as fun as AIM or Yahoo. But then I have a Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn account- which all take up way too much of my time. Can’t some software genius create a program that lets me access all three- or at least Facebook and MySpace together… I’ve got different friends on both.

linkedin.gif myspace.gif

What are the alternatives?

Furthermore, when can the blogging universe unite? I don’t want to have to sign-in to my Blogger account just to post on someone’s page, while I’m still logged into WordPress, and in the meantime have to create a new account to post a message on a specific company’s site. Can’t we all just get along and unite to streamline social networking?

Maybe I’m missing the point here- but hopefully you’ll help shed some light on this conundrum! Look forward to your thoughts.



  Shefaly wrote @

GWC: You raise the eternal conundrum of SSO or single sign-on. It is not resolved and if markets are competitive, probably never will be. And if it does it will still have limited access.

On the blog thing: I do not post comments on those blogs where they require you to sign on as an essential condition. Cannot be bothered. Most of the best blogs in the world do not police everything. That is how life is. When we lock doors, we do not lock the world outside, we lock OURSELVES in.. 🙂

PS: In 2 weeks some 60+ reviews were posted on the book I got from Vine. The review does not add to my reviewer status rank. So I am thinking of signing off. The books on offer are crap and not in the genres I prefer. And even for a free book, I would not give free reviews… Thinking, not done yet.

  thinkingwoman wrote @

Have you checked out NetVibes? I have an account but haven’t had time to get it all set up yet…but it sounds like what you’re looking for. Or at least very similar.

As I said, I haven’t played with it much so I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you’re wanting, but it’s worth a look! 🙂

  hipposkin wrote @

@thinking woman- thanks! i will definitely check it out

@shefaly about the vine program… i hear your frustrations about the amazon vine program. i’m surprised they are limiting you to just books. hopefully you’ll get more material that you enjoy. have you contacted anyone within the program to see about that?

  Shefaly wrote @

Hipposkin: Thanks.

I am not going to contact anyone about it for one simple reason – the Vine reviews do not seem to contribute to either my Amazon-reviewer ranking or my ‘helpful’ score which props the ranking up. There is however now a privilege that my review shows up instantly and I can delete or edit a review.

Since I rarely review other products I do not mind being limited to books but better books – not just popular fiction – would be desirable.


  Ben Barden wrote @

Hi, I found your blog via MyBlogLog. I can totally relate to your comments here. But I’ve found that most of my friends have “got over” the whole MySpace / Facebook “thing” and I don’t get many messages on those sites anymore. Never had many on LinkedIn.

There are two things I do to make my life much easier.

1. Turning on email notifications so I get notified whenever someone sends me a message on any of the sites I’m a member of.
2. Having a website where I put my blog, music, photos, forums, reviews and some technical FAQs (I get asked a lot of tech queries). This means I keep all the content in one place and only use the other sites for chatting and posting links back to my main site.

If there was one site that everyone used, it’s a case of putting all your eggs in one basket. The risk is far greater – if the site went down, you’d lose everything. I’d be lost without Facebook, but it wouldn’t be the end of the Internet as I know it… because most of my friends know where my site is.

Anyway, just some thoughts. 🙂 PS, I’d be happy to exchange links if you’re interested.

  hipposkin wrote @

Hey Ben,
Glad you found me! I love MyBlogLog and would be happy to exchange links (see my updated blogroll). I just spent some time checking out your site, and I love all the elements you have there. That’s eventually the goal for me, but its just more time that I need. (Ok, its making it a priority, not time.)

I have to agree with you- the postings on MySpace and Facebook have dwindled. Every once in a while I’ll check in, change my default picture and add the friends in queue that have waited patiently for me to approve them. I too have stopped the emails that notify me of comments or the most recent “Suzie has thrown a sheep at you”…

  Ben Barden wrote @

Thanks for the link! What would you like as your link text? Let me know and I’ll get the link on my site ASAP.

Thanks for the good feedback, too. I have a lot of thoughts on the subject of blogs vs websites. In a nutshell, I think that blogs are great, but they’re much better if they form part of a larger body of work – specifically a website. I actually use my own system for running the site – there’s a free trial at (my business) if you want to give it a test drive.

I have email notifications turned on everywhere and Facebook seems to generate the most, but not more than I can deal with. Speaking of email, I don’t see a subscribe by email link on your blog, but I do see a Feedburner link. I will subscribe to your blog in Firefox but I prefer subscribing by email. If you do have that and I missed it, or you decide to enable it, I’ll definitely use it.

  Ludditte Techno-Geek wrote @

Please tell me how anyone who spends their time on Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Second life, etc., etc., etc., can actually live a real, flesh and blood life? it isn’t possible.

When do we give up breathing and/or willing plug ourselves into the matrix?

Just another random thought from the Ludditte Techno-Geek.

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