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Blogging have you out of shape?

Great post by MomGadget that I had to share:

Next thing you know, people will be suing WordPress for their inability to get off their ass and do something healthy.

Well, that might have been the case until now!

Can you EVEN believe there’s actually a way to make blogging healthy for you!

Check it!


I SO seriously want one of these. I wonder if I’ll ever get to write up a review on one?

I guess you’ll know you’ve hit the big time blogging when you’re posting from this puppy!




  thinkingwoman wrote @

Oh, I am so mad, someone stole my idea! Okay, mine is not nearly so advanced – it’s just a lap desk balanced on top of my treadmill’s handlebars with my laptop on it – but STILL!

This is way cooler though. I’ll bet it never falls off or tips over either, dropping your laptop onto your toes so that you simultaneously scream and try to hop, which actually causes you to fall and be catapulted across the room by the still-running treadmill…

I’m super envious.

  hipposkin wrote @

i know, i totally want one!

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