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1 million for colbert

colbert2.jpg For those of you on facebook- you’ve gotta join the 1,000,000 strong for Stephen T. Colbert group. Do I really think he’s running for president? No, BUT, let’s prove to all the people out there who think social networking isn’t viable. Join the group now- and tell your friends to join.

In just the past 24 hours, over 120,000 people have joined this group. As I type its at 334k and counting. Let’s see if we can make his show on Monday with a cool mil!



  hipposkin wrote @

group has 423,605 members as of 11:04 pm PST
near half way there people!

  Nicholas David wrote @

I like Colbert, but my vote is for Ron Paul.

  hipposkin wrote @

do you really think colbert is actually running? i don’t.

  hipposkin wrote @

More news~
Facebook will be a powerful tool in the 2008 presidental race.

Although there’s no guarantee everyone who joins a candidate support group on Facebook will make it out and vote, it is a good way to create awareness.

Obama created a group called Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack) 9 months ago and it currently sits at 381,000 members. There is a anti-support group called Stop Hillary Clinton: (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary) started 8 months ago that currently has over 488,000+ users.

These were the strongest two political groups on the Facebook network until Stephen Colbert officially entered the 2008 presidential race on October 16th.

1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert was created on Wednesday Oct 17th at 5PM and quickly overtook Obama’s “1,000,00 Strong” in less than 5 days. Currently at 441,000 members the group will pass the Hilary group later this afternoon.

Whether or not you support Colbert (or even think he is a legit candidate) it’s worth visiting the page, waiting one minute and hitting refresh to see the number jump.

Their goal of 1 million by the end of this week could actually be reached.

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