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princess diana

I never had a huge connection with Diana, but I did admire her and found her to be an incredibly strong woman in the face of adversity. Poise and grace; strength and courage; I do think she did a lot for her country and for needy children. She set the stage for others to do work in Africa, like Brangelina.

I came across this tidbit from The Guardian- and thought it interesting. Why is all this Diana stuff coming out 10 years after her death? I don’t understand. Wouldn’t it behoove people to share this info. sooner?

From the article: Dodi Fayed, the son of the Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, did buy Princess Diana an £11,600 engagement ring a few hours before the couple’s death in the Paris crash in 1997, though he had no chance to give it to her, the inquest jury heard yesterday.



  infraredphotography wrote @

It’s amazing people are still obsessing about this, but then again I never did understand the ongoing Elvis or Jimmy Hoffa obsessions either.

  hipposkin wrote @

i hear you on that!

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