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how long have you been blogging?

now its only been a few months for me, but i start to think throughout my regular day about what i can blog; taking pictures to post, or watching tv and checking out youtube for new videos to post.

how long have you been blogging?



  Shefaly wrote @

I write two blogs – 1 specialist blog on obesity for 15 months and 1 general blog for 6 months. Understandably the former takes more work and is used by researchers; the latter takes less work and attracts lots more visitors, lurkers, readers and commenters, and shows up in more blogrolls too 🙂

I shall be responding to a writing meme where someone tagged me. We – a whole bunch of us bloggers – have had a great time talking about blogging/ writing.

I hope to write this in the w/c 22 October. Hope to see you there!

  hipposkin wrote @

excellent! what’s your obesity blog address?

  Shefaly wrote @

I have just moved it to WordPress and it is on


  meanderinglife wrote @

I’m quite impressed with your traffic, especially only blogging for a few months. I’m pretty new myself but have no where near the traffic you have… how did you do it? any tips would be appreciated.

  hipposkin wrote @

hey meanderinglife. thanks for checking out my blog. actually, the traffic doubled in the past 2 days- literally. i posted about the new show and weird website and i was the #1 link on google. also i use digg to promote some of my posts. have fun with it- you’ll find people who are out there that are into what you’re into. post to their sites and they’ll check out yours- like i’m going to do next!
have a good one, and look forward to chatting with you more.

  blobster818 wrote @

I have been blogging for a couple of weeks now but I add a new post pretty much every 2 days. Whenevr i find something interesting i always post about it. My blog is please visit it, I could do with the publicity…

  hipposkin wrote @

excellent. i’ll definitely check it out tonight. thanks for visiting my site. how did you find it?

  blobster818 wrote @

Oh thanx 4 visiting my site. Yours was on the just posted section on my editors bit. i’m always checking out random blogs and putting my blog there so i get more views.

  m07 wrote @

i have 1 blog and have been bloggig on webmaster topics and already receive a decent traffic

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