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Alan Greenspan

Do you all know about Alan Greenspan? Of course you do. Now the difference is that my generation is just realizing his stature. That’s right, we weren’t always interested in the economy and the stock market and inflation- but now, we’re growing up and investing and we CARE. So, tomorrow Ben Bernake announces a potential .5% interest rate decrease. I have already spent about $200 in Countrywide stock among others, hoping that Ben decides to make a nice cut. We’ll see though. I was disheartened by Greenspan’s PR stint yesterday where he started promoting his book. Will I still buy it and read it?? Why yes of course. I need to catch up!


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  grizzwhitchick wrote @

truth being, i’m really hoping that ben lowers the interest rate. what will it do for me? help me with my mortgage and with my stock investments!

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